Sunday, November 14, 2010

Form Over Function

Welcome to the Kennel Club!

I have always been amazed that so many women parade dogs around a ring. 

It's a beauty show people; form over function. 

Brains is given a ZERO, work is given a ZERO, and health is given a ZERO. 

And that's true of ALL Kennel Club shows Zero, Zero, Zero.

If you would not hire a woman based on her cup size, why would you value a dog, based on appearance alone?  

When you hold a leash inside a show ring, what are your saying about the values at your end of the leash?

Yes, of course, it's possible to get a good-looking dog that is not insane, can work, and is healthy. But get your priorities straight.

If you do not put brains, temperament, work and health first, then you are probably putting them last -- after breed, after registry, after gender, after color, and after age.

And you wonder why so many people have dogs, marriages and businesses that are a mess?  Bad priorities!


Doug said...

What was she talking about?

Seahorse said...

WTF did she just say???? I think The Illuminati paid for her boobs to f with our heads. Remember, they are "both alien and spiritual". Or something.