Sunday, October 24, 2010

Heels Over Head

The joy in a racing Jack Russell Terrier,
as seen at the Virginia Gold Cup Races.


Camera Trap Codger said...

He knows he's safe with Little Nipper muzzled.

Seahorse said...

If I was Little Nipper I'd be running like hell away from Captain Crazy, too.

Seahorse ;)

seeker said...

They all 'run like hell' just for the fun of it. There's also another kind of race where they run an agility course chaseing a lure through tires, over fences, etc by themselves. Oh what fun to own a JRT. Their mainspring never runs down.

Debi and the TX JRTs

Seahorse said...

We used to race our dogs every year at The Washington International Horse Show. Our three were fast, won a lot and always made George Michael's highlights reel on the 11:00 news and the "Sports Machine" syndicated program. Then they started offering prize money and the human "competitors" made it un-fun. We were there for the dogs and the fun. We quit.