Monday, September 13, 2010

In a Low Budget Universe Not So Long Ago....

Guess the breed?

This little marvel is from "The Enemy Within" the fifth episode of Star Trek from Season I in 1966 -- only 44 years ago.

It was in this episode that the famous "vulcan nerve pinch" first appears.

And yes, Kirk is still working (on Boston Legal)!


seeker said...

I'm thinking this is a Cocker Spaniel in full alien makeup.

And yes, William Shatner is alive and kicking with a new show called $#*! My Dad Says. It looks like a cross between All in the Family and Everyone Loves Raymond.

Oh, when we were all younger and skinnier.

Debi and the Texas JRTs.

Anonymous said...

Great photo, love Shatner. Star Trek lost it's balls when he left the show.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the dog? Some type of space mutt? Unicorn Hound!

Somebody once called it a pekingese - it's not. Somebody once said it was a pit bull - it's not.

Beagle-ish face. Some beagles have a long back, but this dog's back looks too long for most beagles.

I only know one thing - the two dog creatures looked alike, but they were opposites, mentally they were like mirror twins are physically.

Most everyone would adopt the nice one - the other, well, Patrick please don't say Brick To The Head, a One Way Trip to the vet sounds better.

On Star Trek, the dogs got re-meshed back to together, and a valuble lesson was learned.

In real life nobody in their right mind would adopt the mean dog, but if it won blue ribbons there would be people who would use him for stud, even if he produced puppies that all lacked the good half of what a dog is.

Viatecio said...

Guess I know which episode we're watching next time we have Star Trek Night and Beer over at my brother's place!

I can't even guess what breed it is, but the face reminds me of the dog that played Baxter in Anchorman.

Too bad those antennae are useless now...poor dog would need a converter box in order to really be of good use :)