Sunday, September 12, 2010

Coffee and Provocation

  • Cleaning Up Guam With Toxic Tylenol:
    About ten years ago, I suggested to the National Auduon Society a cheap way to get rid of invasive Brown Tree Snakes that were wiping out all the birds in Guam: pay folks in the Philippines (where labor is dirt cheap) to lace small cockerel eggs with Tylenol and place them in fake nests (also made in the Philippines) around Guam. Tylenol, I pointed out, was toxic to Brown Tree Snakes, but had no impact on other wildlife (though Tylenol is toxic to domestic cats, which were unlikely to eat eggs placed above ground level). Now, some 10 years later, Guam is being bombarded with Tylenol-laced mice. Right idea (it will work), but domestic cat deaths will be unnecessarily high. On the upside, the Jack Russell terriers used to find snakes at the airports and bases, are not likely to be harmed.

  • Mommy, What's a Newspaper?
    That question will be asked soon enough. The New York Times says it's already planning to pull the plug.

  • Pedigree Dogs Exposed was Broadcast in France Last Sunday.
    If you have not seen it before, you can watch it here. Still roiling the waters -- and the waters may soon boil a bit more.

  • A Happiness Index?
    Over at TED, Nick Marks is pitching a "Happy Planet Index" which seems like a good idea, but of course the King of Bhutan was ahead on this; he began been governing his country with a happiness index more than 30 years ago.

  • This is the Best Military Recruitment Video Ever.
    "Join the army and get a skill that pays for life." These guys can work on my truck anytime.

  • Beam me down Scottie.
    A fun way to explore some of the world. "Africa," however, turns out to be South Africa, and "Asia" turns out to be mostly Japan, but this will improve in time, and may someday provide another window of understanding for people all over. Yes, it's just Google Earth, I know...

  • With Liberty, Hooks, Gunpowder and Broad Arrows For All.
    Ten States have amended their constitutions to create a "constitutional right to hunt and fish," and more are coming. Virginia has has this for years. It's largely symbolism, but symbolism can be important , and in this case it is. The states with a constitutional right to hunt and fish are Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Minnesota, Montana, North , Oklahoma, Vermont, Virginia, and Wisconsin. States with amendments on the ballot this Fall include: Arkansas, Tennessee, Arizona and South Carolina.

Sleep is a medical condition created by a shortage of the vitamin known as caffeine.


Anonymous said...

The right to hunt sounds nice, but I have a feeling that the states wouldn't bother to write this right unless they felt threatened of loosing it - most things struggle the most when they fear they are going down.

So I'm not so sure that this is a good sign. I think a better sign would be a smaller rate of popultion growth.

It's us or the trees.

HTTrainer said...

There are 2 articles at this blog, the older says that Vermont has an amendment for over 200 years and the more recent shows why these amendments are important. Sure we can ignore it but we can't ignore those who want to stop hunting.

Seahorse said...

As a child I lived on Guam. It was truly an island paradise back then (no high-rises, no tourists, nothing detracting at all save for the occasional typhoon!). There were many, many birds and we even rescued a large sea bird during a typhoon, releasing him when it was over. It made me ill when I learned that the brown tree snake had killed all of the birds. They are also quite people-aggressive. Another invasive species that needs to die.


HTTrainer said...

Did I leave out that it was the Maine Hunting and Sporting Dog Owners' blog?