Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Same Question Every Time



Viatecio said...

I believe that was the only thing on my dog's mind when she was approached and harrassed by two extremely small Chihuahua escapees.

I, however, have only one question: "But what does it do?"

The Dog House said...

We introduced all three of our herding dogs to miniature horses on the weekend at a fair.

Our rott/ACD mix was like "Whatever, I've seen WAY bigger dogs than that"

Our middle girl (ACD/Aussie) couldn't figure out how to get IT to chase HER.

And our youngest (ACD/Aussie) was very nice to it, even giving it little nose kisses - then suddenly the lip curl - and she would have snapped at it if I hadn't stopped her. After a few more introductions though, she was back to just tasting it.

There's an interesting chapter of one of Elizabeth Marshall Thomas's books about how her dogs had a different bark for dogs and non-dogs, and it was interesting to see which animals they included in the "dog" category... that certainly were not dogs.