Friday, July 09, 2010

Looking for Doggie Day Care in a Box?

What would you pay for this?

It's Doggie Day Care in a Box! Sometimes, you have to leave your dog home alone. Wouldn't it be great if you could feel good about it because your dog had an all-day entertainment system?

The folks at "Dogopolis" are hoping you will pay $280 for their Automatic Kong Toy Dispenser with 4 Large Kong Toys.

Great idea, but personally, I do not think that machine would survive a day with my Jack Russell terriers, much less a full week with a really serious food-oriented Collie, Pitbull, or German Shepherd.

The good news is that there is a cheaper and more robust "doggie entertainment system in a box" that you can put together for yourself -- zoos have been doing this kind of thing for years.

Take a Kong dog toy and stuff it with layers of hard and soft food (canned dog food, dog biscuits, peanut butter, bits of cheese, etc.) and then freeze it solid.

Now take the stuffed and frozen Kong dog toy and put it in a hard-plastic or metal dog food bowl filled with water and freeze it.

What you have now is a food-filled frozen Kong inside a block of ice. Welcome to your brand new time-release doggie entertainment system!

Over the course of a few hours, the water will melt and provide your dog with a drink. If you want, you can flavor the ice with a little meat juice, or even toss in a few green beans or carrots as an interesting snack.

Eventually, your dog will be able to get the Kong out of the ice and it can start to chew on it to get the frozen food out of the middle of the Kong.

There are a few things you can do "improve" system:

  1. Fix the bowl so that it can be cleated or clipped to a piece of slate so heavy that the bowl cannot be easily over-turned by the dog;

  2. Use a taller freeze vessel that allows for more ice to form over the top of the Kong toy, but still allows the dog to pull the kong out once the ice is fully unfrozen.

Do the job right, and your dog will get a nice dose of mid-day entertainment that will keep it happy, active, watered, fed and quiet until you get home and can take it for a long walk or run.


Mongoose said...

My dog is above kongs. She won't even look at them. She entertains herself through the day by meditating.

Linda Ward said...

ooh excellent! I've frozen stuff kongs before, but my terrier still gets through them quickly. I'll be doing some of this later today.

Of course, my dogs get given so much stuff to do if I have to go out all they want to do is sleep, but it's good for hot weather.

Thanks very much for the idea!