Saturday, July 17, 2010

Forty Dollar Camping Cup?

This metal camping mug from MSR is $40. The cup is made in Thailand.

This crappy photo was shot at the local camping store with cell phone. See the link (above) for a "beauty shot" of same product. Who pays $40 for a camping cup?


The Suburban Bushwacker said...

LOL - it doesn't even have a lid!

HTTrainer said...

Is it endorsed by any famous outdoors person?
And it's made from titanium, wow.

Cassandra Was Right said...

And here is the matching - OMG how cool is this - glass water bottle for only 24.99 plus shipping. What a marvelous discovery, that glass doesn't taste like plastic! How could you even think of re-purposing a salsa or salad dressing bottle when this item comes with a colored grippy sleeves to match - what, your car upholstery? But they're out of the dark blue. Heartbreak!

seeker said...

That's all right, the spoon is $16.95. But it matches. I think I'll buy it for my baby niece for her naming day.

Nah, I'm buying made in the USA this year.

amazed Debi in Texas

smartdogs said...

The only camping vessel I'd pay that much for is a nice storm kettle.

Except for our packs, most of our gear is low tech stuff that's twenty to thirty years old now (except the stuff I inherited from my dad - some of it is probably older than I am!).

panavia999 said...

Well, titanium would be a great lightweight and sturdy item. It isn't cheap to mine or manufacture - and look what it did for the SR-71! Maybe if a person was a dedicated back packer, a couple titanium cooking vessels would be a good investment, especially if you bought them used. I'll stick with my insulated mug and old steel pot.