Sunday, May 30, 2010

Many Hands Make Light Work

This is a street camera in China.

A thief on a motorcycle tries to steal a purse.

Watch what happens next!


The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Do you think they export community spirit?

Viatecio said...

Great video. For all their government and culture difficulties, the Chinese really are good people. The friends I've had who've visited really enjoyed their experiences over there.

Now, had this happened anywhere in the States, the police would be up in arms with their "We never recommend doing this, but we're glad it worked this time" protocol.

Reminds me of the "90-yr old ex-boxer opens a can of whooparse on teenage thief" type of news stories that occasionally appear on Fark. HERO tag to these Chinese citizens!

wickedbolt said...

To bad this doesn't happen in America. We just walk by stab victims after they try and stop a mugging. World would be a better place if everybody came together like that.

The Dog House said...


My favourite part is not even the crowd kicking the crap out of this loser - it's the people who couldn't get through the crowd redirecting and kicking the crap out of his bike for good measure.

LMAO - thanks Patrick, this made my day.

Bjarne´s aquarium blogg said...

@ "The Dog House" if you look agian closely .You will se that the muggers friend is trying to drive away with the bike and getts
beaten no, it is not an exampel of redirected agression in Homo sapiens

seeker said...

The crowd helped because they know that it could be them next. The group realizes that there is no government assistance available so by doing it themselves they stop the thief from doing it again in their area. Here's the crime, here's the crook, lets handle it ourselves and forego the trial. They solved their own problem. In the US we have grown to expect the government to protect us. That's a wrong attitude, we need to learn to protect ourselves again. I don't like China's products but ya gotta admit, their old fashioned self defense is a great attitude.

Rick said...

That's my idea of community activism!