Friday, April 30, 2010

Nazi Piranhas Will Kill Us All!

Men Today gave us something new to worry about in February of 1963 -- Nazi piranhas!

And you should see the illustrations on the insides of these kinds of publications. Wow. It just keeps going....

And the covers. You should see the covers. Oh my!

Who was buying this stuff?


Seahorse said...

Wow, y'all men didn't know if you wanted to see sagebrush harlots or Hitler's lover boy. wonder everyone was dropping acid in those days!

Seahorse ;)

Karen said...

Apparently the men that bought these mags must have had some pretty serious anger issues with women's sexuality. Most of the cover art features a woman in a skimpy outfit being tortured for being a harlot. I guess the guys on the covers were angry because the harlot didn't put out for them.

PBurns said...

To say I don't get it, does not quite describe it. I am seriously befuddled. Was the world that represssed? Was this a spoof -- sort of like "DWARF RAPES NUN, FLEES IN FLYING SAUCER" was a spoof of tabloids?

The internets says this kind of stuff was geared to returning WWII vets. Really? Ugh.... why? What? Which ones? There were that many men bent up and twisted this way?

Befuddled. I cannot believe this was done more than once as a joke, but it seems to have been a genre that existed for years and employed quite a few artists (not the least of whom was Joe Shuster who drew Superman ... see >> )

Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

At the same time, there was a raft of "bring 'em back alive" wildlife pulp too. This was the "man survives mauling by grizzly using swiss army knife" kind of stuff. A hoot, a lie, a fantasy, and also stuff I do not get. I always thought that stuff was geared to 12 year olds with rich fantasy live, but was it geared to "returning WWII veterans" as well?