Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mother Nature's Mistakes

Teddy Moritz sent me this shocking photo of a tiny 5-pound groundhog with a terrible malocclusion of the jaw which resulted in the animal's teeth growing without end. As Teddy notes in her email: "Mother Nature is not always kind."

So why was I shocked by this photo? Well, I first saw it on my cell phone, and the picture was pretty tiny. What? Is that fingernail polish? When I got back to the computer, however, I saw it was just blood. Fine; all is right with the world again. Carry on.


Seahorse said...

Given it appears he's misplaced his body, I'd say the malocclusion is the least of his problems...


PBurns said...

Teddy Recycles. In this case, I suspect the bottom half is inside one of her lurchers.