Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sheryl Crow is an Idiot

Sheryl Crow is an idiot.

There is a reason we do not ask rock stars, celebrities and politicians about their theories of wildlife management.

On this, and on so many other issues, we need to be leaving management of our public lands to our wildlife and wild lands professionals.

Ted Willams tells us why in "Horse Sense," an article in Audubon magazine.


Retrieverman said...

I wrote something on this a couple of month ago.

Sound management practices are not going to be implemented any time soon. It is politically impossible.

Canada used to have feral horses on its ranges, but those all became fur-farmed mink food.

It's not just Crow, but there are lots of powerful people who back feral horses.

Has anyone said anything about the PBS Nature Documentaries that are basically feral horse propaganda?

Whenever the Cloud documentaries are on, I just switch it to the Simpsons (even though that show is a shadow of former self.)

Viatecio said...

Very interesting read. Also very shallow-minded in the case of Crow!

Retrieverman, are you referring to T. Boone Pickens' wife's attempts to "save" wild horses? I admit I had fantasies of rainbows and kittens and kyoot little horsies running freeeeeee when I first heard of that. Then I grew up and learned otherwise.

That Horse Sense article is definitely being saved in my archives.