Friday, November 20, 2009

PETA and the Lobster: A Story of FAIL

Stupid-on-a-Stick Meets PeTA, and hillarity ensues:

A company in the United Kingdom is about to lift the lid on a device that zaps lobster with electricity to kill them, and the inventor said Wednesday his humane alternative to boiling is about to give the entire industry a jolt.

. . . . The animal rights group PETA bought two of the lobster devices and paid for Mr. Buckhaven and his wife to fly to the Arizona event last Saturday to demonstrate the technology.

Unfortunately, the courier service lost the two machines and the animal rights people had to look the other way as volunteers killed hundreds of lobster in boiling water for hungry supporters of the resource centre.

The whole story is here, but you will have to supply your own laugh track.

This jumbo 25 lb. lobster was destined for the President's table in 1933.


Retrieverman said...

Can lobsters feel pain?

Here's a wonderful study that says so:

They lose all credibility, though, with this line:

"And finally, the researchers wrote, crustaceans possess 'high cognitive ability and sentience.'"


I guess we're really loosely defining cognitive ability and sentience here!

The a prioris in that study are just hilarious.

I can't believe that study actually got published.

But wait, I'm academic (or at least I pretend to be!)and I'm not shocked at all.

Retrieverman said...

This one is also hilarious:

“This is exactly like the tobacco industry claiming that smoking doesn’t cause cancer."


“Consumers don’t generally greet and meet an animal before they eat it."

PBurns said...

Whether a lobster feels pain or not is not really the issue: the question is speed of death. If the death is instantaneous or nearly instantaneous, there is little or no pain. Being tossed in roiling boiling water is a very fast way to die if you are a small crustacean that normally lives in cold water -- I would venture to say it is instantaneous. A bit like a human being hit with a sustained jet engine blast.


HTTrainer said...

"Don't Tase me Bro!"

HTTrainer said...

"Don't Tase me Bro!"

Pai said...

How is being insta-killed with electricity superior to being insta-killed with boiling water?!

And it PETA finally admitting that they really don't mind if animals are killed? I though they didn't care how fast it was, because eating animals is 'just like cannibalism'?

I know PETA are a bunch of wackadoo hypocrites, but they aren't even trying to hide it now, it seems.

Seahorse said...

"How is being insta-killed with electricity superior to being insta-killed with boiling water?!"

My first guess is that someone makes money with the Zap-O-Matic. Maybe enough to buy a nice lobster dinner!

Seahorse ;)

an American in Copenhagen said...

Whatever happened to a kitchen knife through the brain?