Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Continuing Crisis: Drunken Killer Moose Frames Husband

Drunken Moose, Claiming to be an Elk, Kills Woman and Frames Husband


Doug said...

It's a problem, alright.

Retrieverman said...

This is what I do with these two animals.

The one North Americans call moose is Alces, and the other one is Cervus (in the red deer family).

Go by those distinctions, and you'll have no confusion.

Alces kill people in the US. In fact, the great deer with palmated antlers and the bell on its chin injure more people in Alaska every year than any species of bear.

I've read that European Alces are far less likely to attack people, but it's possible.

Often Alces attacks happen because they perceive dogs as a threat to their calves, and this woman was walking the dog when this attack was said to have happened.