Sunday, November 29, 2009

Why Not Name New Breeds After Odd Towns?

Can you name all the dog breeds that are named after places? Make a list and add them in to the comments. 

In the interim, here are some real places to look up on a Google Maps:

  1. Intercourse, Pennsylvania
  2. Middelfart, Denmark
  3. Lizard Lick, North Carolina
  4. Dogswamp, Western Australia
  5. Flushing, New York
  6. Bald Knob, Arkansas
  7. Cockburn, Western Australia
  8. Dead Horse, Alaska
  9. Dogtown, Massachusetts
  10. HooHoo, Virginia
  11. Dildo, Newfoundland
  12. Hellhole, Idaho
  13. Crapo, Maryland
  14. Horneytown, North Carolina
  15. Hell, Michigan
  16. Crapstone, Devon, England
  17. Hicksville, New York
  18. Dismal, Tennessee
  19. Boring, Oregon
  20. Swastika, Ontario
  21. French Lick, Indiana
  22. Cockup, Cumbria, England
  23. Toad Suck, Arkansas
  24. Climax, Missouri
  25. Disappointment, Kentucky
  26. Fleatown, Ohio
  27. Shitterton, Dorset, England
  28. Boogertown, North Carolina
  29. Twatt, Orkney, Shetland Islands, Scotland
  30. Hardup, Utah
  31. Gross, Nebraska
  32. Fucking, Austria
  33. Spread Eagle, Wisconsin
  34. Big Bone Lick, Kentucky
  35. Looneyville, Texas
  36. Titty Hill, Sussex, England
  37. Idiotville, Idaho
  38. Hookersville, West Virginia
  39. Slickpoo, Idaho
  40. Ratsville, Ohio
  41. Wetwang, Yorkshire, England
  42. Blue Ball, Pennsylvania
  43. Goosepimple Junction, Virginia
  44. Downer, Minnesota
  45. Penistone, South Yorkshire, England
  46. Big Ugly, West Virginia
  47. Bastard, Ontario
  48. Peculiar, Missouri
  49. Frog Suck, Wyoming
  50. Loveladies, New Jersey
  51. Slaughter, Texas
  52. Nut Crackers, Devon, England
  53. Monkey's Eyebrow, Kentucky
  54. Mosquitoville, VT
  55. Hot Coffee, Mississippi
Now, let's combine the two lists by naming new breeds of dogs after these very real, if oddly-named locations! 

How about the Penistone Terrier?  The Bald Knob Retriever?  The Titty Hill Spaniel?  The Climax Pointer? 

Various lap dogs could be called the "Downer," "Disappointment" "Boring" and, of course, "Crapo". 

And then, of course, there would be the Fucking Dog, the Toad Suck Cur, the Crapstone Lurcher, and the Slaughter Hound.


HTTrainer said...

well, Google is just great, Showed me the best way to get to Paradise from Intercourse, PA. It takes almost 90 minutes. Starting from Blue Ball or Bird in Hand saves 15 or so minutes.

PBurns said...

I've been to Intecourse (a nice little farmer's market) and ridden the steam train at Paradse (a really great little ride), but I do not think I have been to Blue Ball or Bird in Hand. lLife's not yet over yet, though ....


JL said...

There is a park along the Columbia River named after a rock formation -- sort of. When they made the area a park, the name was gentrified to Rooster Rock. The rock formation does not look like a chicken.

Retrieverman said...

My favorite headline from Boone County, West Virginia:
"A Big Ugly Man Died Yesterday."

There is also a town called Looneyville in West Virginia. The people who live there have the last name Looney.

Dogs named after place:

1. Chesapeake Bay retriever
2. Murray River Curly Coated retriever.
3. Nova Scotia Duck-tolling retriever.
4. Boston Terrier
5. French Bulldog
6. American bulldog
7. Alapaha blue-blood bulldog
8. Treeing Tennessee brindle
9. Nofolk terrier
10. Norwich terrier
11. Norfolk retriever (extinct)
12. Norfolk or Shropshire spaniel(extinct, most likely came from Shropshire rather than Norfolk).
13. Skye terrier
14. Tweed water dog/Tweed water spaniel (extinct and absorbed into the retrievers).
15. Aberdeen terrier (extinct aborbed into the Scottish terrier)
16. Shannon water spanish (also known as the Irish water spaniel).
17.Patterdale terrier
18. Catahoula leopard dog/Catahoula cur
19. Glen of Imaal terrier
20. Yorkshire terrier

BTW, is Cockburn, WA, pronounced the same way as Alexander Cockburn pronounces his name, which is pronounced the same as the last name of the junior senator from Oklahoma (Senator Tom Coburn)?

PBurns said...

21. The Bedlington Terrier
22. The Aierdale Terrier
23. Irish Terriey
24. Kerry Blue terrier
25. Russian Terrier
26. Tibetan Terrier
27. Afghan Hound
28. Bernese Mountain Dog
29. Belgian Malinois
30. Alaskan Malamute
31. German Shepherd
32. Laborador Retriever
33. All the Water Dogs (French, Spanish, Italian, Portugese, Irish)
35. Irish Wolfhound
36. Italian Greyhound
32. German Shorthaired Pointer
33. Scottish Deerhound
34. Scottish Terrier
35. Welsh Terrier

Anonymous said...

36. Border Collie
37. Australian Kelpie
38. Leonberger
39. Newfoundland
40. St. Bernard
41. Bernese Mt. Dog
42. Brussels Griffon
43. Border Terrier
44. North American Shepherd
45. Pekingese
46. Pomeranian
47. Tibetan Mastiff
48. Spanish Mastiff
49. Neopolitan Mastiff

Somewhere here I have a picture of myself in Hell, MI. I've been there a few times. Even w/o being told.

Water Over The Dam said...

And to round things out - the lap dogs:

50. Pekingese (Peking/Beijing)
51. Maltese (Malta)
52. Chihuahua (Mexican state)