Sunday, September 13, 2009

Move Over Bruce Springsteen


America is a country rolling in talent. Here's a nice example. Just a guy, a guitar, a cause, and a little humor. And he has an album with such songs as:

1. Stop This Shit
2. Honor and Dignity
3. Iraqi Homesick Blues
4. Happy Bomb Maker
5. Pennsylvania Stars
6. All American Boy
7. Flags Along Main Street
8. Send The Twins
9. Hey Baby Hey
10. Meth And Man Ass
11. Fearless
12. 3,800 Souls
Buy the album! As a capitalist, I am pretty sure that if America is to be saved, it will be saved at a small profit.

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Seahorse said...

Hilarious, sad and true. I read his liner notes and like how he gives shout-outs to various musicians who seem to have influenced him. He reminds me of John Fogerty with a lot more humor. I love Fogerty, but this is a lighter take on message music.