Friday, September 25, 2009

Graveyard Groundhogs

I have stumbled on rural graveyards with the dogs, but I never dig anywhere near them for obvious reasons.



Miki said...

We buried my Dad's and my Mom's ashes last year in an old, small, family cemetery out in the country in southern Minnesota. Dad died in January but we had to wait until the ground thawed to dig the hole. Mom went into the hospital the day after we buried Dad and never came home - metastatic lung cancer.

No one had been buried in that cemetery since 1938, but for as long as I can remember some one in the family has visited on Memorial Day to mow and trim and leave flags and pots of red geraniums on the graves of veterans. I've never seen evidence of ground hogs there (although vandals have had their day tipping some gravestones).

If someone wants to hire you and your dogs to clean out those varmints, please consider it, Patrick.

HTTrainer said...

this while I'm watching Ghostbusters
What are you gonna do?