Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Farming Like People are Hungry

From The Altoona Mirror, in Pennsylvania:

Farmers will face a 100 percent increase in demand for food worldwide by 2059, and researchers in the dairy industry say genetic technology will be the key to stepping up production.

Of the United Nations' projection that 100 percent more food is needed, 20 percent of it will come from increasing agricultural production land and 10 percent will come from upping the production intensity of existing land, said Lisa Holden, a Penn State associate professor of dairy and animal science.

"And the other 70 percent? It will come from utilizing science and new technology," Holden said. "We'll learn how to do things better."

Better, of course, means hybrid plants and animals that produce more, mature faster, grow longer, and are easier to plant and harvest.

How will that be done? Is is possible?

We shall see.

Recombinant DNA will certainly be used (it is already part of every meal you eat), but old methods of boosting production have their place too.

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Mark Churchill said...

Mostly staying out of the great farming debate, but thought you might enjoy this video: Today she's just an involved citizen testifying before the City Council in Santa Cruz, but she's destined to one day become Secretary of Agriculture.

PBurns said...

Oh Lawdy that was funny.

That's the first post tomorrow, LOL!

Thanks Mark!