Thursday, August 20, 2009

Canine Influenza Vaccines are the Latest Scam

Over at Pet Connection, Christine Keith nails the fear-mongering by vaccine companies and the breathless know-nothings that yammer away on list-serves and push the panic button at every turn.

Where exactly do so many people get so much energy to freak out over things that really matter very little in the normal course of their lives?

The actual topic of Christine's piece is the "new disease" called canine influenza which is, in fact, nothing more than a variety of the canine erquivalent of the common cold. Unless your dog is kenneled in a commercial kennel, it is not likely to catch it, and even if it does, so what? Nothing seriouus happens when a dog catches a cold; the dog gets better on its own, and that's that!

Christine goes on to note that the new canine influenza vaccine is, in fact, a total scam.

[It is a] killed virus vaccine and does not actually prevent infection with CIV. Nor does it protect your dog from becoming ill, although it might make his symptoms less severe (or not). And it also doesn’t mean your dog, sick or not, can’t infect other dogs, even after he’s been vaccinated.

Read the whole thing.

If Pet Connection is not in your Google Reader, you are missing a good thing.

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