Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Supreme Court Greenlights Killing All Life in Lake

No more fish from Lower Slate Lake thanks to the Corps of Engineers.

Here's the short story: An Alaska-based gold mining company wanted to dump 4.5 million tons of heavy-metal-tainted tailings and slurry directly into Lower Slate Lake in Alaska's Tongass National Forest, knowing it would kill all life in that lake.

The Bush Administration's Army Corps of Engineers greenlighted that idea and issued a permit.

Now the U.S. Supreme Court has said killing all life in that lake is fine -- go right ahead. Read the complete story in The New York Times and the Alaska Daily News.

And what is to prevent the Army Corps of Engineers from greenlighting the dumping of toxins in lakes, stream and rivers near you? Not a damn thing!

And what has Sarah Palin, the Governor of Alaska to say about all this?

Up to her neck in ambition, babies, a pregnant teenager daughter, and various klepto-scandals, she none-the-less has the time to twitter that the Supreme Court decision was "good news on responsible development & great jobs for AK" and that the "Court's ruling a green light for responsible resource dvpmt," because it created 300 temporary jobs in her state.

Wow. Think about how many lakes, forests, streams, rivers, and mountains she would be willing to kill in order to create the 2.6 million jobs lost in the last year of the Bush Administration.

Lower Slate Lake is soon to be a stinking dead zone.


Marie said...

Reading stuff like this makes me sick. People need to wake up before every pristine lake, stream, river, forest etc, is only a memory. I am no longer young and I may still live to see these things before they're all ruined. It's all about the $$$, a sad legacy to leave for those that follow us.


HTTrainer said...

Gives new meaning to the term acid rain.
Note these are just temporary jobs and for a backwoodswoman to hurt the one industry that truly supports her it is very shortsighted.
I hope they present her with the first fish caught in the lake 10 years from now. Panfried cadmium trout?

Kasha said...

Hmm. That would be awful. Shame on Palin.
Kasha and Africa