Monday, June 29, 2009

Digging on the Dogs

Pearl listens to Mountain under ground.

I have been a bit of a physical wreck recently, first with elbow bursitis (drained, and now fine), and then falling 12 feet off a cliff (I could have fallen 90 feet so I am not complaining) which strained a ligament in my right knee and buggered my right elbow.

The right elbow is now fine, and the right knee is about 90 percent (it only hurts a little when I go up stairs, and get in and out of the truck).

So am I all better? Not quite. Now I have tendinitis in my left arm!

No matter. I went digging yesterday despite the tendinitis, and though my left arm hurt a bit, my knee held up under the weight of the pack and the tools, and the dogs had a blast.

Mountain is, literally, standing on her head to pull out a small groundhog being bolted by Pearl.

Pearl with one of the three small groundhogs taken this day. We bolted another small one, and also a raccoon which skittered to freedom thanks to one of the unseen holes in a brushy six-eyed sette.

Pearl listens to Mountain underground.

Mountain can be seen just inside this enormous old tree trunk. There is a groundhog pipe right in the middle. She has found there before, but I never even try to dig it. No one home today.

Mountain and Pearl look to retrieve a dispatched groundhog that gravity slid back into the hole. Where did it go?

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Kathleen said...

The last photo is wonderful. Great dogs.