Friday, May 08, 2009

Boulder Dam's Canine Grave

If you go to Hoover Dam, you will find a dog grave and plaque, but the name of the black dog is never alluded to. We live in a different time, thank goodness, and without apology.


retrieverman said...

You would be shocked at how common that name or another variant of it appears in retriever pedigrees and studbooks. Within the foundational pedigree of the golden, there is a dog with the longer version of that name, and that's how we know that this dog was not a yellow.

Dr Dan Holdsworth said...

In the "dambusters" attack on the Ruhr Valley dams during the second world war, the success code for the mission was the word "nigger", this being the name of the squadron commander's black labrador dog, which had unfortunately been run over and killed the day before.

In a television rebroadcast of the 1955 film in 1999, all references to the name of that dog, which was also apparently the unit mascot, were removed for reasons of political correctness.