Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lwaxana Troi Gives $4 Million to Her Dogs

Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry's wife, Majel Barrett Roddenberry, set aside $4 million so her dogs could continue living in one of her mansions. The dogs' longtime caretaker, Reinelda Estupinian, was given $1 million and residential rights to the expansive home.

Majel Barrett Roddenberry was not only Gene's wife -- she also appeared as a regular actor on Star Trek, both as as Lwaxana Troi (Dianna Troi's mother), and as the voice of the Enterprise.

Gene Roddenberry died in 1991, and he and Majel's ashes are scheduled to be rocket-launched into deep space sometime next year.

Scotty's remains (aka James Doohan) were launched into space back in April 2007.


Pai said...

I always liked her character. She was Nurse Chapel in the original series too.

retrieverman said...

I know a Scottish terrier named "Doohan."

Of course, with my name, I get asked to beam people up quite a bit.

jack said...

good for her. my biggest fear is dying and leaving my terriers behind. at least there are some people on this planet who have their priorities straight.