Monday, April 20, 2009

Evolution 101

A simple "Evolution 101" video that deals with both hybridization and genetic drift. Nice!

Genetic drift is why breeding dogs in a closed registry is always a bad idea, as there is no such thing as a gene pool that will never have health problems.

Mother Nature prefers a wobble.

Hat tip to Patti S. for bird-dogging me to this one.


HTTrainer said...

"to prevent the danger of excessive inbreeding, an occasional outcross was made"

Now here is the question: if the founders of a particular breed can use outcrosses to prevent inbreeding whilst keeping the characteristics of this new breed intact, why does the kennel club have a problem with this practice of good animal husbandry?

Get my drift?


The old breeder's dog of the past teach, hybridize several lines of blood or of different races. was a good thing.Even though sometimes resorting to consanguinity.

different races, even if the same kind of benefit from their example of hybridization Molosser and Sighthound, dog sheep and Molosser. Hound, Sighthound and Molosser.

The Reverend John Russell did the same thing. Example: When Russell came into possession of the "mythical" cagnetta named Trump, whose ability to huntress reverendo desperately fell in love to the point of deciding to engage in the reproduction of copies, with the same characteristics, By mating with Trump Fox Terrier (soon were included blood lines of bull-dog! Some dogs defined pure blood (with Pedigree). I am continually hybridised with other breeds of dog, but many do not know, but it is not a reason for the renewal of the gene, but most of aesthetics. I prefer to hybridize with the breeds starting that determined the origin the dog! ;)