Wednesday, April 08, 2009

ABC Nightline Embedded

Flash located here (right click on link to copy) Youtube link here

Thanks to the wonderful John Sibley at For Your Entertainment for finding a way to embed the Nightline video on a blog without the autoplay function. Wonderful!

For those that want to put this up on their own blog, simply go to this Youtube link.

Want to help spread the file to other file-sharing sites? Simply download the flash file which can be found here, by right clicking the link in order to copy it to your hard-drive.


Anonymous said...

The thing I find most disturbing about this is the Dog Show Fancy's slavish obsession with looks and "purity" at the expense of all else.

Seizures, deafness, crippling orthopedic problems and more are overlooked in a narcissisticly cavelier way in the quest to create the canine equivalent of Nazi Stepford wives.

What happened to breeding dogs for a purpose? Oh, that's right... breeding for purpose would mean that those pretty ribbons - and big stud fees - would go to people who actually trained and worked their dogs. Then instead of breeding pretty 18 month old puppies with "nice" pedigrees we'd be breeding proven 4, 5 and 6 year old working dogs. Not only is there very little money in this, it involves a whole lot more work than chasing BIS ribbons.

HTTrainer said...

could you place it is the sidebar?

Kevin said...

I did a little checking. The reason the Quicktime video isn't paying attention to the autoplay="false" parameter is due to the plug-in setting on the local (viewing) system which trumps the website setting. Right click on the Quicktime video to see your own plug-in settings. This was the case at my end, and I was able to confirm that this is a common complaint about quicktime.