Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Pedigree Dogs Exposed - Watch the Whole Thing!

BBC - Pedigree Dogs Exposed

How many people have actually seen the full documentary? Here is it, uncut.

Spread the link to boards and list-servs. This is what the Kennel Clubs have done to dogs.

The Kennel Clubs have not done this because they are evil, but because they have strapped their business and breeding plans to 19th Century eugenics theories based on closed registries (generally closed with fewer than 100 dogs) and exaggerated features.

Today breed after breed of Kennel Club dogs are positively selected for defect - dogs with pushed-in faces that cannot breathe, dwarf dogs with heart and joint problems, teacup breeds with their brains spilling out of their skulls, and coat colors and patters positively associated with deafness, to name just a few issues.

Heaped on top of this is a fantastic rate of inbreeding leading to exploding rates of cancer, liver failure, epilepsy, cataracts, and dysplasia.



Pai said...

I'd like to hear your thoughts on vaccinosis in dogs. From what I've read, the commonly reported vaccine reactions are all those chronic auto-immune disorders that you blame on high inbreeding COI of purebred dogs. I'm starting to think that it may actually be a combination of the several factors (over-medication of pets stressing their immune system + weaker immune systems in some breeds + certain breeds having conformation-related health problems), rather than solely a purebred issue.

It appears those diseases are becoming more common across all dogs, even mutts, so I'm not sure what else to make of it. I understand that correlation does not necessarily equal causation, but it's food for thought.

PBurns said...

Yes, there is too much unneeded vaccination AND immune systems are weaker due to inbreeding. My views (more or less) can be found here >>

I vaccinate for rabies, but nothing else for adult dogs -- the same as Ron Schultz, chairman of the University of Wisconsin's Department of Pathobiological Sciences.


Unknown said...

I want to thank you for posting this video. I'm not a dog owner myself and had been completely unaware of the issues plaguing pure bread dogs until I stumbled across your blog. The BBC video makes it even more painfully clear just how bad it is.

I have two friends who own King Charles Cavaliers and the thought of those sweet, loving dogs suffering like the ones in the documentary actually brought me to tears. I have a feeling my friends were never told about the health risks of the breed. I'm now debating whether it's better to send them information, or spare them the worry and wait and see what happens...

Thank you for all of the work you do on this blog. I've learned a lot through coming here and really appreciate the chance to read your well researched writing.


Seahorse said...

I finally sat down to watch this and I have to say, by minute four I was pretty nauseated. As bad as I thought the situation might be, and as much as I prepared myself to see and hear unpleasant things, there were still many deeply troubling images and attitudes.

A million years ago when we got our first Jack Russell, we got a hand-written note that showed her lineage back maybe three generations. The Jack Russell breeders of the day would have nothing to do with the AKC and were successful in that resistance for a very long time. Enter the AKC a few short years ago and as nearly the first act, the very name of the breed was changed. Then, the dogs got huge and ugly and awful, and I got discouraged of ever finding what I wanted in a Jack Russell again. I've since found some breeders I really like, and I feel encouraged, but what is incredibly clear is how the abuse of a short 63 day gestation in the hands of deeply misguided people can decimate innocent creatures.