Sunday, March 29, 2009

I Serve My Dogs

Thomas McGuane writes in (of all places) The Wall Street Journal:

The dogs are everything, and they want to hunt, too. Bird dogs plead with you to imagine the great things you could be doing together. Their delight is a lesson in the bliss of living. As Bob Dylan says, “You’ve got to serve somebody.” I serve my dogs and in return, they glom the sofa.
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Kathleen said...

I'm pretty much in the serve mode, as well. Yesterday, I bought a couch for my dogs.


I serve my dogs and in return: Good food! Where to MY HOUSE IN THE SEVENTH PLAN NOT LIKE TO LIVE! let them live in the country side! When we work together are much more happy.

the original agreement that had the dog with a human: Was a history of exchange of favor!