Thursday, March 26, 2009

ABC's Nightline Video on the AKC

Want to get your own copy of ABC Nightline's segement on how the American Kennel Club's standards and breeding practices are screwing up dogs?

You can order your very own CD -- just click here. And no, I don't know if it will run on European video machines which are (somehow) different.


Timmy said...

There are different region codes for countries.

North America is region 1, and Europe is region 2. They could watch it if they had a region free dvd player.

babysweet said...

Patrick, did you happen to browse through the comments section after the text version of the segment?

Holy hell-o... what is wrong with people? Does acid literally have to be raining from the sky, burning the leaves from the plants, before they believe in water pollution?

By the same token, do dogs need to degenerate until they are in horrible pain for all of their short, miserable lives until they suddenly drop dead at the age of, say 4? before the kennel club supporters can agree that maybe there's a problem that needs to be addressed here?

I won't tirade into details here (you do a far better job anyhow...) but incidentally I have to mention that my Darwin's Nightmare T-shirt has gotten me into more productive discussions than hot water... at least so far... at work - at a pet supply store. I thought I would rock the boat more than I have so far. Although I do imagine the hellstorm is on the horizon... lol