Friday, February 27, 2009

If Dogs Are Your Bag, Have We Got a Bag For You!

The dogs cannot speak for themselves.

In fact, many Kennel Club dogs cannot even breath correctly, cannot walk correctly, and can no longer do the jobs they were once bred for.

Inbred nearly to death, breed after breed of Kennel Club dogs are now complete genetic messes.

The dogs cannot speak for themselves, but you can, and without even opening your mouth. Order your attractive bag or T-shirt today.

Want to go into business for yourself? Rip off this art for FREE and sell away .... or give away ... or raise money for dog rescues.

Raise heat until the Kennel Club sees the light!

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Rocambole said...

The advantage on bags like these is that there is no way you bought them at the store.

I've taken to folding up a bag like this in my larger bag/purse so that when I'm at a store, I can whip it out, toss in the store basket with my items and then the clerk can scan and put the items into my bag.

If you use a "cute" bag with butterflies, etc, there is always the question "did you buy that here?" However, if your bag has a big picture of Darwin's face or THE PHILADELPHIA FLOWER SHOW 2004 or "DEP says 'Recycle Pennsylvania!'", people are pretty sure you DIDN'T buy it there and everything goes very smoothly.

Save extruded plastic AND pedigreed dogs! Buy funky bags that you can stuff in your pocket/purse and never be troubled by a sales clerk pushing plastic again!