Friday, February 27, 2009

Wayne Pacelle's Final Solution

Wayne Pacelle, the ninny who runs the Humane Society of the U.S., has a blog post this morning (no I will not supply the link) entitled "Fixing Pet Overpopulation."

And how do you do that in "Wayne's World?"

The same way Hitler did: Forced sterilization and rounding up everyone you do not like to kill them.

Especially Pit Bulls.

Getting canine advice from Wayne Pacelle is like getting cooking lessons from Jeffrey Dahmer.

The man has a recipe all right, but lacking all ethics, the results are simply frightening.

So what are people saying about Wayne Pacelle's push to kill all Pit Bulls in animal shelters?

  • "HSUS Kills Puppies." That's the simple and short title which sums it all up over at the Poodle and Dog Blog.

  • "HSUS: We Must Kill This Pit Bull to Save It" is the nonsense philosphy of Wayne Pacelle and HSUS notes Christine Keith.

  • "HSUS Gets Slammed for Dog Killings" is the "just the facts ma'am" headline from Gina Spadafori.

  • "Time to Take the 'Humane' Out of HSUS" says Selma over at the Caveat blog.

  • "The H in HSUS Stands for Hypocrisy" notes Luisa at Lassie Get Help.

  • "Every Shelter Dog Deserves a Fair Evaluation" notes Shirley at YesBiscuit, who documents HSUS's flip-flopping in an aptly titled piece entitled "Pants on Fire."

  • "Why HSUS is Horrible" is the simple title of the post over at Help Fido.

  • "The Answer is "Kill", Now What's the Question?" asks the KC Dog Blog.

  • "The Death of Hope at HSUS" mourns Nathan Winograd who wonders if Pacelle and company are out of their minds.

So what has been HSUS's reponse to all this?

They are mewing around while backing up.

They are now saying they think every dog should be evaulated as an individual (What???!! Call Martin Luther King!), and they are are proposing a meeting to discuss "the issues" at the annual HSUS Animal Care Expo in April in Las Vegas.

Yes, that's right -- Las Vegas.

Remember that next time, you get a piece of direct mail from Wayne Pacelle and HSUS.

Remember that their position on pit bulls has been: "Kill them all and let God sort it out."

And remember that when challenged on that policy, they thought the proper forum was months in advance (hey, what's the hurry?) ... in Las Vegas.

And NO, don't even try to tell me about how "cheap" Las Vegas is.

You do not need to fly to Vegas and party in casinos in order to have a discussion and make a decision.

You can do that on the phone, by video conference, or via email.

Most of us do it every day.

Just not Wayne Pacelle.

Above clip art shameless stolen from Caveat.


YesBiscuit! said...

"Getting canine advice from Wayne Pacelle is like getting cooking lessons from Jeffrey Dahmer."

Another one for my t-shirt collection (that I'm going make someday, at least in my mind).

Chester's Mom said...

LOL, I am in love with the witch.... you should replace her face with Wayne's!! I would absolutely make it my screen saver at work....

Beth Patterson
Foxdale Ind Rescue
King, NC

Pit bull NM said...

Thanks for bringing attention to this, Pat.

Seems Ol' Wane Pacelle (that's a play on words, thank you very much - LOL) and JP Goodwin are looking for an out, and there are a lot of weasel words in their new policy.

And I gotta say, I am A LOT less impressed that this meeting will/might be "scheduled-in" to their already planned Expo.

To tell the truth, I don't know what to expect (if anything) out of this meeting.


PS - Thought you all would get a little kick out of this: Wane's World

sfox said...

Ole Wayne's trying desperately to stay ahead of the bus (filled with pit bulls, no doubt) that's bearing down on him.

The choice of Las Vegas sure tells us how seriously he takes....having fun.