Sunday, August 29, 2010

STORM :: a Tim Minchin beat poem

Tim Minchin does a beat poem.

How cool is this? How graceful the execution? How punishing the delivery?



The Doubtful Guest said...

I love Tim Minchin. He's brilliant. I had not seen this. Thanks for sharing it.

And if anyone has never heard of him, look him up and watch it all.

Sean said...

Minchin is one of the greats. Every few months I have to spend half an hour or so watching his stuff on you tube.

Seahorse said...

Didn't think I'd like it, didn't want to spend the time watching, listening. Glad I did.

Oh, and John Edward should be strung up by his 'nads for what he does to grieving people. Not to "bring down the space, man..."

Seahorse, still believes she'll see the Chupacabra some day, LOL.