Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tomorrow's Superbowl Ad Today

Adopt a Dog

Go on, take a look.
Just see what's available.
So you can tell others.



Neutrino Cannon said...

Brings up a bit of a question though, doesn't it?

Who adopts rhinos and whatnot from failed zoos? Is there just enough worldwide spare capacity that someone else can pick them up?

PBurns said...

Zoos breed animals because the babies bring in people, and people bring in cash.

Adult animals, however, may live for decades, and execess animals are often sold to "private zoos" and "camera zoos" where they may or may not be well taken care of.

More than a few animals end up in canned hunts as well.

For more on all this, see an earlier post entitled "Hunting and Fishing Like Adults" at >> in which I detail the life of the black bear that country singer Troy Gentry ended up bow hunting in a large cage. See the link for the whole story and some points to ponder.