Friday, January 02, 2009

FREE Antibiotics at Giant Foods

Giant Food is giving away generic antibiotics for FREE from Jan. 2 to March 21, including cephalexin, doxycline, and amoxicillin.

The down side is you have to have a prescription. Details are here. The program will also be available at Giant’s sister chain, Stop & Shop.

What going on? What are they doing this? Simple: Since Wal-Mart started its four-dollar prescription program a few years ago, cheap generics have become a way to bring in customers.

“We have a lot more competition these days,” says Robin Michel, executive vice president of Giant, “and there’s no way you can be more competitive than free.”

Publix’s grocery stores (which are mostly in Florida) has had a free antibiotics program in the past, and so have a few other smaller grocery store chains, such as Schnucks and Martin’s supermarkets.

Want to get antibiotics for your working dogs without a prescription? Unsure of canine dosage rates? See the antibiotics page on the terrierman web site. The down side here: you will actually have to pay cash money. The upside: paying for non-prescription antibiotics is still cheaper than going to a veterinarian. That said, please be advised that the antibiotics page is only for simple flesh wounds. If you have a sick puppy, get your lazy, penny-pinching ass to a vet!

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FrogDogz said...

My old dog gets monthly pulse therapy (full dose antibiotics for one full week per month, every month, to control on going dental issues), and this would be a great chance to stock up. My vet is always more than happy to write out prescriptions.. unfortunately, there's no Giant Foods in Canada, and if there was, I'm pretty sure our laws on medications would prohibit this sort of promo.