Friday, December 19, 2008

Bull Frog Swallows Bird

I'm not sure where this video was shot (China?) but the same thing happens right here in the U.S., as my friend Larry Morrison will tell you.

Check out the wonderful still shots he took in his backyard, in Maryland, of an American bull frog swallowing down a starling.


Anonymous said...

When I was in college and we were disssecting frogs, we always opened up the stomach to see what was there. Sometimes, you had to open up the stomach because what they ate was so big, you couldn't see any of the other organs -- one of my friends had a frog that had just swallowed a mouse and she couldn't find anything until we took the mouse out of the stomach.

Of course, being biology majors, we had to dissect the mouse, too, just for fun.


Matt Mullenix said...

Dan Manix's wonderful classic, "A Sporting Chance" devotes an entire chapter to the hunting of house sparrows with captive toads.

Anonymous said...

I once saw a bullfrog hunting mallard ducklings--it caught and swallowed one! Being young and slightly more sentimental than I am now, I felt obligated to try and rescue the cute duckling, whose legs were still grotesquely hanging out of the frog's mouth and kicking frantically! I caught the huge, preoccupied frog easily, and slid the duckling out with no trouble, and it went skittering off across the water to rejoin it's family nearby(the mallard hen did not seem to recognize the bullfrog as a threat, or perhaps she was glad to reduce her responsibilities somewhat!). Bullfrogs have glared at me accusingly ever since....L.B.