Sunday, November 23, 2008

Coffee and Provocation

Here's your Sunday Morning Bag O'links. Enjoy!

  • Underground burrow are under-studied. I have written about groundhog and fox dens before, but here's a video on what an African ant colony looks like underground. Terrific visuals. Check it out!

  • Dog Catching in America is a new book by "Prairie Mary" Scrivner and it's on the list to get. Order yours here now.

  • Can deer kill bears with nothing but their teeth? They can, and they did on one huge Canadian island. Read the whole story!

  • Want a free download of the 1968 Johnny Cash/Bob Dylan Sessions? Aquarium Drunkard has that and more!

  • Want to see a nice small ass? Check it out! And if you like that, I also have a picture of Paris Hilton screwing by the pool.

  • Afrigadget is a showcase of the native genius of Africans. With no money, no education, dodgy electricity, and no economy, they have to innovate to get things done. Check it out. Love the Togolese bottle opener!

  • Turkey head salt and pepper shakers. The seasonings come out their nostrils. A little gross, but very cool at the same time.

  • Neil Young, is a total motor head (who knew?), and he is pushing the Electric Lincoln Continental. Not just a big car; a 1959 Dinosaur. If Neil Young did not exist, we would have to invent him.

  • Born to Track News is a blog for blood-tracking dachshunds. Check it out as it's deer season!

  • "Lonesome George," the last of his breed of giant Galapagos Tortoise, is finally getting his mojo on at age 90. There is still some question as to whether he's shooting blanks, but he's doing his best. Fingers crossed!

  • Scientists have rediscovering another "extinct" species. This one is the incredibly cute pygmy tarsier. Over a two-month period, scientists working in Lore Lindu National Park on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi caught and released three, so they are out there ... at least until the next Indonesian logging contract is signed.

  • Hitler really did have only one testicle. Or at least that's the latest breaking news. Still no conformation to the rumor that his left nut was bitten off by a stolen Jack Russell terrier during World War I. What? You didn't know that? No reason you should. I just made it up.

  • The most disturbing pictures in the world are these of female bodybuilders. Is this vanity, self-loathing, or something else?

  • Rahm Emanuel and Barack Obama have both said that U.S. immigration laws are to be obeyed. And with the appointment of Janet Napolitano, it does not look like that sentiment is being lost in the wash. Nothing wrong with immigrants (wonderful people, and often better than the native born), but we cannot take all of the world's displeased and dispossesed, and it's time (long past time) to get order at the border.

  • A flying car that is street-legal. I want one.

  • Is the cure for global warming an easier-to-digest form of grass? Maybe. Cattle are responsible for 20 percent of U.S. emissions of methane, which traps heat in the atmosphere 20 times more effectively than carbon dioxide, but if you strip lignin from grass, the cows fart less. Of course, we could just have fewer children and have a decent immigration policy , or just eat more chicken, but why do that when we can bio-engineer the world instead? What could go wrong? Nothing!

  • Is that beagle legal? If you have questions about breeding and sales contracts, fence laws, noise laws, veterinarians, landlords, and dog bites, there's an an entire book on U.S. dog law from the good folks at Nolo Press.

  • I think Moultrie needs to make an automatic dog feeder. A deer feeder could probably be used and "repositioned," if you know what I mean. Instead of spinning and dumping the food, it would just dump it into a funnel attached to a bit of PVC pipe going into a dog bowl. Good for a weekend get-away.

  • Duct tape bandage. If I had have thought of this I would be a millionaire by now. Doh!

  • Russians shoot pig from cannon, and the pig survives. Apparently there are some things a monkey will not do. Plus, if it does not work out, the barbecue coals are just about right and we have a nice rub already prepared . . .

  • Tens of thousands of overseas companies are exporting human food, dog food, medicines, and chemicals to the U.S. every year, but last year only 95 of these companies were actually inspected. Disaster in the making? Count on it! There are worse things than toxic dog food, and they are probably on their way.

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this is cool, maybe make it more weekly? also i can never see the youtube videos you post. maybe a link to that vid? i always try finding them but never can.