Wednesday, September 24, 2008

John McCain Bails

A new Washington Post-ABC News poll gives Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama a nine-point lead over Republican nominee John McCain.

Even Fox News admits that McCain is going down like an airplane shot out of the sky, noting that Barack Obama has recaptured the lead — 45 percent to 39 percent — over John McCain in the presidential race.

So what is McCain doing? He's pulling his ripcord even as he struggles to get out of the fighter seat.

Unprepared for real crisis, without any answers, and with lobbying scandals exploding around him like jet fuel (and with Sarah Palin waiting to go off under his right wing), McCain is screaming "May Day, May Day, May Day" into the mike.

He wants to cancel the debates set for Friday.

He wants to suspend campaigning while he sorts it all out.

It's 3 am. the phone is ringing, and John McCain wants to unplug the phone.



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Dan & Margaret said...

What do you do when you're David Letterman, and McCain dumps on you at the last minute? You bring on Keith Olberman to fill in. Masterstroke! Even more amazing that instead of rushing off to Washington as he told Dave, they find he's still in the building getting made up to talk to Couric on the evening news! No class.