Monday, September 22, 2008

John McCain "McChanges His Tune"

If I see Stanley Crouch's byline, I always read it, because he is a free thinker and will say what he think even if is heretical and unpopular (are there popular heretics?). You can read a New Yorker profile of Crouch here.
So what's Stanley saying this morning? Oh good stuff, good stuff. He writes in his column for The New York Daily News:

Now that he has appropriated Barack Obama's theme of change, John McCain has become its most obvious victim. No one now knows what he stands for or what he believes. He changes at a velocity that would be commendable if he were in show business instead of politics.

In show business you are commended for convincing an audience that you are something different from what you actually are or that you can do things that you actually can't. But McCain's newfound ability to change his thoughts - or dramatically reverse them - is equaled by his party's. The Republican Party went to bed thinking it was a bull, woke up believing it was a bear and ran screaming from its mirror.

So unfettered expansion, once known as deregulation, has almost swallowed our economic world as we know it. This has been a bucket of ice water thrown on politicians snoring in feathered beds provided by lobbyists.

Still dripping but fully awake, the Republican Party, which we thought would live or die as a bull under the flag of deregulation, is now sanctimoniously asserting the importance of the federal government stepping in to save the little big men of corporate America.

Read the whole thing.

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George Will (yes) has a better column attacking McCain:

Crouch is entertaining, but a serious headcase: