Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Scottish Beaver?

Scotland is set to reintroduce the European beaver into the wild in 2009. The animal was extirpated from Scotland more than 400 years ago. The new beavers (species name Castor fiber) are being brought in from Norway and are, for all practical purposes, identical to American beaver (Castor canadensis) though they cannot interbreed due to some chromosome differences. The beaver are expected to be released around five lochs in Argyll in the Spring of 2009 after a six-month period of quarantine. In October of 2005, six beavers were re-introduced to Britain in Lower Mill Estate in Gloucestershire, and in July of 2007 a colony of four was established at Martin Mere in Lancashire. For more information on Scottish beaver reintroduction plans, see >> http://www.scotsbeavers.org/


Anonymous said...

is it true they have red hair?

Mark Churchill said...

What a great logo! The St. Andrew's cross in the rippling water is so subtle it might almost slip below conscious notice, much like a beaver diving under the water. But oh, how things can work beneath the surface!

Best of luck to these lads trying to set things aright.