Tuesday, May 27, 2008

American Heroes vs. American Zeros

Some of Michael Vick's dogs are finding good homes, as this heart-warming post on the Bad Rap blog notes.

Read the whole thing, and then go to the link about Michael Keenan (picture at right from the Bad Rap blog) who was a pit bull owner and humanitarian who lost his own life in a fire while trying to rescue a Jack Russell terrier that was not even his.

Six years earlier Mr. Keenan had dived into San Francisco Bay to save a woman from a fully-submerged car after it went into the water.

Good heroic people tend to know good heroic people, and so friends and family of Michael Keenan have contributed to a small living memorial to enable some of the the pit bulls rescued from a recent Arizona horror-mill (PDF) to travel to California where they can be adopted.

Yes, Michael Keenan continue to save lives. If there is a heaven, Michael Keenan will no doubt be there, and the dogs will be too.

And his friends? They will be there in time. Of this, I have no doubt. In the meantime, hats off to both, and thanks to Bad Rap for telling the story. Donors to their cause are always welcome.

As for Michael Vick, he is in the Leavenworth, Kansas penitentiary. But don't expect him to change much; he is getting instruction in dogs from PETA-moron and canine-killer Ingrid Newkirk (no, I am not making this up), whose own "shelter" kills more than 90 percent of all animals that are surrendered to it, and who believes all pit bulls should be banned and euthanized.

Getting lessons in dog care from Ingrid Newkirk is like getting cooking lessons from Jeffrey Dahmer.

If Vick want to set things right, a few hundred grand (as an anonymous gift) to "Bad Rap" might be a place to start. .


Rei said...

I'm always touched by a heroic story, thanks for sharing. Have you heard about the dogs that have been finding earthquake survivors? I just posted about it earlier. It's really quite remarkable.

Anonymous said...

I certainly wouldn't oppose Vick giving more of his $ to Bad Rap, or the other organizations who are caring for his victims. But, the court already collected over $900k from him for this purpose ($5 or $20k for each dog depending on its circumstance), and BR received a good chunk of that.

Actually, his former dogs' caretakers/owners don't need any more money. If Vick is going to be assessed further damages (unlikely), it should go to some additional worthy cause. Like publicizing the truth about PETA?