Wednesday, April 16, 2008

No-Neck and Skin-Tail

Skin-Tail in the bottom photo, and No-Neck with another fox in the top shot.

The second fox in the top picture is not the big dog fox I saw the other night. This one looks plenty healthy though, so good for No-Neck at finding such a handsome catch to roam around with.

All these fox and raccoon pictures, by the way are taken right in front of my greenhouse, just in front of the kitchen window, not five feet from my front door, in a very suburban neighborhood; proof positive that fox are everywhere, even if they are secretive and night-moving.

We also have quite a few deer about; I have spooked a number of 10-point bucks in the driveway, and I once counted eight deer at once in the back yard.

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Caveat said...

Maybe you should trap that fox and give him a shot of something for that mange. Poor little guy. Plus, your dogs might catch it.