Saturday, April 12, 2008

John Sibley, American Hero

I've recently added some new blogs to the right, one of which is John Sibley's entitled "For Your Entertainment, which has some amusing finds and observations, such as: "And he hasn't sat down since."

John gets my nod for American hero for his rather unexpected entry into the world of rescue caravaning. Hats off, John. Read the whole thing and then consider the suggestion at the end.


Pai said...

That quote is so true... so many people are caught up in that defeatest belief that those animals have to die 'for their own good'. It's tragic.

When I read the part where it says 'the shelter is usually closed on weekends' I was appalled... talk about wasting the two most valuable days of the week, when people who work/go to school can actually visit the shelter most easily! It was very disappointing.
Shelters should not have hours that mirror everyone else's working hours, that's just self-defeating, in my opinion.
has it right -- the shelter system needs a serious rehaul in their thinking.

-J. said...

I'm a little uncomfortable with the hero talk, but I thank you for your kind words and the link from your blogroll!

The intro to transporting was unexpected, fascinating and somewhat addictive. I dearly hope that Pets Alive will do more of it and that I can be involved. I'd do anything to reduce the number of pets killed in shelters.

PBurns said...

People will always call other people names, and considering the alternatives, "hero" is not too bad ;)

Real bonus points for action; even when called, most people do not serve.

There is not much wrong with the world that more applause cannot fix, and that is especially true for the folks behind the scenes who make it all happen. Hat's off!


Anonymous said...

This man deserves to be admired for his devotion and passion for pets. Its one thing to talk of it, or donate $15 or so for a T-Shirt to make a statement for you, but its quite another to sacrifice days of ones personal time and energy and physically do something like this. I've just added his page to my bookmakes as well and will donate.

Hats off to you too Pat for posting this.