Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hillary Clinton's "Big Wink" to the Swift Boaters

An ad mocking
"slime tactic" 527 Committees. This one is from the tongue-in-cheek "Swift Boat Kids for Truth"

This morning I said be prepared for Hillary to start throwing mud and rocks.

Guess what? The ramp-up has already started. Say what you want, but I do know my vermin.

Word has it that the Clinton folks have tapped Pennsylvania attorney William A. K. Titelman (click here to call and email him) to organize a political committee organized under section 527 of the tax code.

These so-called 527 committees are free to get money from anywhere and say anything, as we all know from the "Swift Boating" of John Kerry.

The new pro-Hilllary Clinton 527 committee, says ABC News' Jake Tapper, is to be called the "American Leadership Project" and will be staffed by veterans of the Clinton White House.

Any questions as to why we don't want Hillary Clinton back in office?

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Laura said...

I gotta wonder if anybody in the Clinton campaign knows how to use a spreadsheet. Clinton has to win ALL of the remaining primary and caucus delegates by a margin of more than 16 percentage points just to catch up to Obama's pledged delegate total. There is almost no chance of that happening. Winning the "firewall" states of Texas and Ohio won't cut it.

For one thing, the odd nature of the Texas "primacaucus" system makes it unlikely that Clinton can win by a significant margin there (read the analysis on the Burnt Orange Report). It's looking more likely that Obama and Clinton will evenly split the Texas delegates.

Also, Clinton has won only 3 states by the margin she needs to win all that remain: New York (where she is Senator), Arkansas (where she is former first lady), and Oklahoma. It's unlikely that she'll win any remaining contest by that margin, let alone all of them. Especially since Obama has won 10 consecutive landslide victories.

Though Clinton had the head start, the superdelegates are moving toward Obama. So far today, two more of them switched from Clinton to Obama, and three more who were uncommitted endorsed Obama. Obama has cut Clinton's superdelegate lead from 97 to 70 in the past couple weeks. More will jump on board with Obama. I don't believe the superdelegates will overrule the choice of the voters.

About the only way Hillary can win the nomination now is if an honest-to-goodness major scandal breaks about Obama. Trying to manufacture a scandal via a 527 smear campaign won't win the nomination for Hillary, but it will help the Republicans attack Obama in November.

It's time for party leaders to step in and muzzle the Clintons.