Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Wildlife is Organizing Against Me!

A large Raccoon and a cross-coated Red Fox in the front yard.

As I noted a few days ago, I set up an edible dog-chew on an elastic cord hanging from the bird feeder pole, with the idea that it would give me an amusing animated shot or two of a red fox or raccoon pulling back on the elastic cord.

The short story is that I came out yesterday morning, and the dog chew, elastic cord, and "safety" parachute cord were all gone. Nowhere to be found. Everything else fine.

What happened? Hard to say, but I think the fox must have pulled the cord back so hard that when he released it, it shot off the hanger. Or else the raccoon crawled up and got it off all by itself.

Or maybe . . . the paranoia begins to rise up in my brain . . . . the wildlife is organizing against me.

In fact, there is no doubt they are banding together -- see the photographic evidence from the evening in question.


Julie said...

It's obvious ... why do you think that fox was laughing in your earlier post ?

PBurns said...

Damn! You KNOW that's right. But I'm gonna get em.

I'm thinking a bigger bungie cord -- something that will ROCK them. And maybe a cable to secure it.