Friday, December 14, 2007

A Mobile Phone Saleman? Beautiful!

A reminder that not all that is gold glitters. Watch the judges on this one. Wales is done proud! Thanks to Teddy M. for this one.

His winning perfomance on Britain's Got Talent, can be seen here.


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Christopher said...

You're a bit behind the times there P, this guy has already had his teeth fixed and has a CD out (that my mother plays nearly non-stop). He's moving up on the glitter scale.

You NEED to check out the girl he beat out on that show, Connie Talbot. Paul deserved the win, but Connie is disgustingly cute. She was leading in the polls all the way up until the Finale, but Mr. Potts was just too good to be denied.

Simon Cowell also wrangles "Il Divo" and Paul's first CD has all the same songs (probably because the label has rights to them already), but despite Il Divo being hand selected from around the world for their looks first, talent second, and manipulated market appeal third, Mr. Potts the REAL DEAL is many times more appealing.

Il Divo might be the pageant winners, but working class Potts clearly has the goods.