Saturday, December 15, 2007

Coffee and Provocation

Worst Messaging on Global Warming:
An email from John Robert F. Kennedy Jr. sent to me by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee begins: "Where I live in upstate New York, I've recently seen robins and bluebirds show up in the middle of winter. And this past January, a friend of mine ate asparagus he harvested in the Catskills, which are normally frozen this time of year. Global warming is no longer a distant threat." Robins, bluebirds and edible asparagus are a threat? I've always thought of them as a benefit. And yes, that was the entire case statement of the problem: the rest was a pitch to send money.

The First Church of Global Warming:
The Daily Mail reports, without a hint of irony, that Pope Benedict XVI has "launched an attack on climate change prophets of doom, warning them that any solutions to global warming must be based on firm evidence and not on dubious ideology." The Mail goes on to note that the Pope says it is vital that the international community "base its policies on science rather than dogma." Ri-iiight. A lecture on science not dogma from the Pope? Thanks for sharing Benny!

Remind Me to Never Drink from a Glass in a Hotel Room:
I am hardly a finicky person, but this one makes me shudder just a little bit. And what about the sheets?

Live in Paris for Under $100,000:
The wife and I keep turning over the idea of selling out, simplifying, and settling down. Or as we like to put it: "Life is short, let's enjoy it." Towards that end, I spend a little time every week looking at "real-estate porn" just to see what's out there. My last great find was a huge lovely brick mansion with a lovely yard a spectacular inside (all designed by Walt Disney's father) in Missouri for about $270,000. This week, I found a place in Paris that had a pretty unbelievable price attached to it. Paris, eh? Now there's a place the Misses and I could kick back in. Might even sing a song about it.

Meanwhile the Rapacious Stalk the Earth:
The greedy bastards ruining this country know no boundaries or shame. Across America, more than 2 million people are expected to end up in foreclosure because of subprime mortgage shenanigans abetted in part by by Goldman Sachs, which simultaneously flogged subprime mortgages as great investments even as their hedge funds shorted them. The payoff for Goldman Sachs: over $19 billion in profits, and an average end-of-year bonus of $600,000 for each of their 30,000 employees.

Debasing the Currency:
Good news of sorts: strippers have finally found a use for $2 bills.

The Golden Brass Compass:
A cool little web site selling brass compasses, sextants, telescopes, pirate glasses, microscopes, etc. Check it out.

In the Market for a New Car?
It's that time of year for some folks. Lots to consider, but the Honda Element got top paws over at

Barney Cam 2007:
Since two of the current occupants of the WhiteHouse are terriers, I have kept rather close watch on the "Barney Cam" videos put out at Christmas time, and I have noted that bad things happen to those who appear in them. Anyone remember Gonzalez? Gone and under investigation. How about Harriet Miers? Gone and under investigation. This year the theme is "Our National Parks." You remember our National Parks -- the ones the Bush Administration has paid so little attention to up to now, and which have an $8 billion repair backlog that remains unaddressed. President Bush begins by telling Barney and Miss Beazely they can be Junior Park Rangers. Well, actually, that might be a problem. You see, dogs are actually prohibited from most National Parks. And another thing. Showing videos of a dog playing with a Christmas tree ornaments is not a great idea unless you get free veterinary surgery? Bush's dogs have free vet care? Oh then, never mind. Carry on!



Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for Barney Cam. How have I not known about this before?

My favorite reviewer comment so far (from the Mudcat Cafe): "Well of course Tony had to be in it... it's a film featuring Bush's lap dogs isn't it?"

kabbage said...

You got email from JFK, Jr? The man has been dead for several years.

Love my Honda Element, although the upholstery is failing prematurely.

PBurns said...

Well, I HAVE gotten mail from the dead, but this time it was a typo on my part -- good catch Kabbage. Thank, and corrected. For those who want to give money to "the cause," the entire email text is up at >>