Thursday, September 28, 2006

A Nice Thing to See in "True Grit"

True Grit is the bimonthly magazine of the Jack Russell Terrier Club of America (JRTCA), which is the largest Jack Russell Terrier club and registry in the world, and is the National Breed Club and Registry for the Jack Russell Terrier in the United States.

To the extent people are digging to terriers in America, it's because the JRTCA has encouraged working dogs, and I would venture to say 95% of the diggers in the U.S. are affiliated with the JRTCA.

I have been a JRTCA member for quite a few years and count quite a few friends who are also members of the Club, but I do not attend shows (I go to Nationals every year and that is it) even though I have been a pretty vocal supporter of the philosophy that underpins both the Club and Registry.

Basically, all I really like to do is hunt.

This morning I came downstairs for a cup of bowl of cereal, and my lovely bride had set out what little mail I read (bills go to her, and mostly I correspond with people via email).

There, under a piece of direct mail, was the latest issue of True Grit, and inside the back cover was a half-page color ad for the book. Excellent!

I hope sales of this little publication makes a little money for the JRTCA, but most of all I hope it gets more people out in the field and helps folks keep their dogs healthy when they do so.

Good digging to all, and thanks to the JRTCA for keeping these dogs a working terrier.

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P.S.: The web folks that run the very excellent JRTCA web site have not yet got the book up online. Anyone who wants to order one online and pay via credit card (I do not sell directly) can go >> HERE

The book is also available via or you can call the JRTCA office. In the U.K. the book is available from Read Country Books. If you can wait, get the book from the JRTCA's web site when available.

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