Monday, November 14, 2005

Carrying a Posthole Digger

To carry a posthole digger from the shoulder rings of your pack or from a leash strung across shoulder and back, drill a hole through one of the handles of the posthole digger and thread about 18 inches of parachute cord through the hole. Tie a a into the parachute cord that will just fit over the knob on the other handle.

Now, with the handle’s strapped together, take a longer section of parachute cord and whip a binding around one handle as close to the digging head of the posthole diggers possible. Tie a loop into the free end of the cord, and you will find that this loop is very close to the balance point of your posthole digger.

Using a carabiner, you can clip this loop to the D-ring on the shoulder strap of your pack or, if you prefer, to a doubled leash which is slung across your shoulder and chest.

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