Monday, September 26, 2005

Double Raccoons

The first hole of the day contained a raccoon, and after Mountain had worked it to a stop end, I boxed and was surprised to find she was only 2 feet down.

It was a very quick dig through very dry soil, and when I got down to the dog, I found the hole was completely filled with fur. The raccoon would not show me its head, even when prodded, so I partially tailed it out and slipped a snare pole over one leg and pulled out an 18-pound female.

As soon as this raccoon was pulled clear, a second raccoon bolted from the hole. This second raccoon was the largest I have seen to ground and was about 1/3 larger that the first and must have been the male, as it had a head like a skillet and was rolling in fat. I guess the corn fields to the left and right of this hedgerow had provided pretty good pickings!

I repaired this den well, as I have worked several fox along this stretch of hedge, and hope to do so again when winter comes rolling around. Mountain got a little puncture on one cheek, but was otherwise fine.

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