Sunday, September 18, 2005

The Dogs of Hurricane Katrina

Standard poodle in the debris and water.

Notice the two dogs to the right -- strangled and dead after jumping over the rail.

Wet and bedraggled with nothing to eat and no dry spot to rest.

Four large dogs on a wet car roof. No telling how long they have been there.

A matted terrier of some sort tries to find something to eat by licking the sharp metal edges of a can.

A young dog in oil-contaminated water. As desperate as it gets.

Unspeakable joy, unspeakable sorrows.

Flat bottomed boat from the DNR with dog crates on a rescue mission.

Hope has arrived for this dog. No telling where the owners are, however, and there are many more dogs than people with homes to care for them.


gabboon said...

if that poodle were groomed to AKC standards it could just float to safety....

So heartbreaking. To think so many of these dogs will not be able to return to their homes or families even if they are rescued.

So few people have plans for their families much less their pets. It is so important to consider your entire family in emergency planning. What will you do for your dogs and pets if you have to evacuate? Plan now before it's too late.

Sit down with your family today and make a plan. Find a place to take the pets, shelters won't. Find relatives or friends near and far as temporary haven or a meeting or check-in place. Keep emergency supplies for several days stored in a safe place in your home. And don't forget to include some for the animals!

Do this for the entire family, humans and others.

carolyn gillette said...

The small dog held by the woman in the striped shirt...Do you have any info on this story it looks sooo much like the dog I adopted 10 years ago, I would really love to contact her and know more if possible.
Thank You
Carolyn Gillette
Dubois WY

PBurns said...

Sorry -- no information.