Sunday, September 18, 2005

Why You Will Never Dig A Hole to China

Ah the internet is great stuff. A fellow with waaaaay too much time on his hand has hacked Google Maps and created a web site where you can click on any place in the world and it will tell you where you would come out if you just kept digging .... and digging ... and digging ...

It seems all of us, all over the world, were told we would "end up in China," but in fact that can't possibly be true. In fact, unless you live in a remote part of South America, it's not true. If you are in America or Europe you end up in the Ocean.

Check out the map hack >> HERE

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gabboon said...

Mr. Burns' ego strikes again. He assumes we will all follow his digging instructions and dig straight and true right to the ocean.

It is much more likely I would dig out of plumb and end up in his backyard, chewed on by a terrier, were I to brave the heat and humidity of our part of the world. Even more likely I would dig only a couple spade widths and tunnel would collapse before I leave the layer of red clay.


Dachshunds rule!