Monday, February 07, 2005

Pop Goes the Groundhog

Groundhogs can do a lot of damage to an alfalfa or soybean crop, but there's not much a famer can do to combat them short of shooting them (some farmers have scabbards for their .22 on their ATV's), or trapping them.

One new alternative is the "Rodex 5000" which is a rig that shoots a combination gas that is 97% oxygen and 3% propane down the hole until a gauge says the level is right. A spark then detonates the gas, with the resulting shockwaves killing the groundhogs, groundsquirrels or prairie dogs.

The systems is considered to be environmentally friendly, humane and effective, and cost about 15 cents per hole to treat (not including the $2,000 for the equipment). The only drawback to the system is that in areas with a lot of very dry grass there may be a danger of fire from the quick flash that can come out of a hole.

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Traps said...

" Blown Up?! Eric's been Blown Up?! " LOL!

Now, if they can make that thing work for Rattus norvegicus ....?